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Francisco G. Santos -Blogger When I met Tendai in Park Allé, just before his meeting with the mayor , I was impressed with his motivation, still with all his energy, moving forward and against racism. Me also have experienced some race based arguments towards my lifestyle or just my existence. Probably never was stopped to enter a place based on my skin color, but the assumption of being just a foreigner have probably influenced some of those attending a pub door or a festival in town. Off course. Some of the times people have just engaged in assuming that I am a kind of refugee or someone who lives in Denmark to find prosperity. Well… I am not. Never was.

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Peter Karlsson , AM Ok.. Ordern mot Element Technica blev lite försenad.. Skada går iväg alldeles strax! Ingen annan som vill ha ultra rod, paus out box etc!? Hämtade ut kameran igår på Arlanda. Det slutade tillsammans att jag tog en taxi däråt, och efter 15 minuter så fick jag kameran För er andra såsom ska plocka ut er kamera samt ska betala moms på betalningskort.. Fedex betalning räknas som ett uttag samt inte ett köp har varit tillsammans om detta tidigare, så jag varenda förberedd.

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Legally and free of charge, Aarhus Public Libraries now offers access to a broad range of feature films. Arsel is the case with music knipa literature, you can download films to your computer for your immediate pleasure — without first having to besök the library. It is legitimate. It is free.

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